What Does an Art Gallery Do?

art gallery

An art gallery is a venue where art enthusiasts can view and appreciate paintings, sculptures, prints and other art. These exhibitions give people a glimpse into past artwork and help them understand new pieces that are created today. People from all walks of life enjoy visiting these galleries and they find a lot of joy in the art that is on display.

While some galleries are exclusive to a certain type of art, others represent various artists from different styles and backgrounds. Some galleries also offer classes for those interested in learning how to paint or draw like a particular artist. These classes are a great way to increase creativity and learn more about the art world in general.

One of the main things that an art gallery does is sells artwork on behalf of the artist. This means that the gallery will take care of everything from transportation to invoicing and keeping track of sold pieces for the artist. The gallery will also do the marketing and communication with collectors on behalf of the artist. The gallery will then get a half of the total turnover for each piece that is sold.

Another important thing that an art gallery does is provide space for artists to show their work. This is especially beneficial for young or emerging artists who might not have their own studios or enough space to make the work that they want to do. Art galleries can be found in a variety of places from large buildings in cities to retail spaces that have been converted for an art show.

When a gallery wants to add new art to their portfolio they will look for a wide range of qualities including the artist’s curriculum (education, exhibitions and publications), their talent and quality of the work and the overall market for the piece. They will also try to bring in works that they believe will appeal to their client base as well as promote the artwork through art fairs and other exhibition opportunities.

In addition to promoting their own artists, an art gallery may also work with other institutions to put on shows or curate collections of works from a group of artists. This can be a great way to reach out to a larger audience of art lovers and expand their business.

If you are an aspiring artist trying to get into a gallery, it is important to research the director, curator and owner of each gallery that you are interested in working with. Take notes of what types of work they exhibit and what their submission guidelines are. Having this information will make it easier to get a response from the gallery.

Attending opening receptions at the galleries that you are interested in is also a great way to network with other art professionals. Try to talk with the directors of the gallery and if possible, the artists that they are representing. You can also ask if the gallery will do a critique of your portfolio.