Art Galleries


A gallery is a place in which paintings and sculptures are displayed. It can also refer to a group of pictures or photographs. A long gallery wall can look beautiful and add a focal point to a room. You can use a wide variety of frames to create this type of wall.

Art galleries are places where people can view and purchase artworks by established or emerging artists. They also work to promote their artists and help them gain exposure. They can be found in museums, private collections, and public buildings such as schools. Some galleries are specialized in a specific genre or style of art, while others offer an eclectic mix of different styles and media.

To get your art into a gallery, you should first contact the director of the gallery you are interested in working with. You should also prepare your art according to the gallery’s submission instructions. This can include a physical portfolio, thumbdrive of images, or online portfolio. You should also write a letter of inquiry, which is a short description of your background, your body of work, and why you think your art would be a good fit for the gallery. You should also include your website and any other relevant information.

In addition to promoting their artists and creating exhibitions, galleries take care of all the other aspects of running an art business. They handle the transportation of artworks, manage payments from collectors, do all the invoicing and communication with collectors, and monitor the value of artworks on the secondary market. They are also responsible for promoting their artists and helping them gain exposure at events like art fairs and biennials.

A gallery can be made of various materials, including glass, plastic, or metal. The best choice depends on the type of artwork you are going to hang. For example, if you are displaying a painting or a print, you should choose a frame made of a material that can withstand the weight of the piece. In addition, you should choose a frame that is the right size for the painting or print.

One of the most important things that a gallery does is to establish the price for an artist’s work. This is based on the artist’s CV, his or her career so far, and the current market conditions. The gallery will also work to help the artist establish a career path and set goals.

To make their money, galleries need to sell art. They will therefore do all they can to promote the art on their walls and in their publications. They will also work to sell art through other channels, such as auctions and art fairs. They will always try to find the right balance between making money and keeping their patrons happy. To do this, they will charge a commission on the sales of art. Depending on the size of the commission, the gallery may or may not pass this on to the artists.