How to Create a Gallery Online


Creating an online gallery is an excellent way to display your artwork. Gallery websites can provide a wide variety of images for your visitors to browse, and they can serve as a great tool for marketing your products or services. These sites also help you spread the word about your artwork and inspire others to purchase it. Many people find the experience of visiting an art gallery empowering, and many people even develop a collection. The staff at an art gallery is well-trained and knowledgeable about their artwork, and can answer any questions you may have.

Unfortunately, many default Gallery apps don’t provide backup features. The default Gallery app on your device will only let you delete pictures, but you’ll still have access to them in the cloud. You may also find that the gallery apps on your phone don’t offer backup features. Google Photos, for example, offers unlimited cloud backup, while some third-party and native gallery apps offer limited cloud backup options. Using Google Photos to back up your images is the best option if you’d like to maintain a backup is essential for security reasons.